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Eldhr - lyrics


The last night came,
There wasn’t a new dawn anymore
Distant drums
Were announcing destruction and pain
Hate sounding hymns above the cold hills
With frozen hands and face,
Hardly wielding the axe and chains
I carried on looking for the trail of blood
And avoiding the dammed bright sun
I hided myself in the caves of Eldhr
Niche of old spirits filled in battle
And wolves chased by bloodlust and chaos
Next to my horse
I lost my last battle
Revenge of cruelly devastated people
Years before I burnt alive and raped people,
Merciless with priests
I still remember the impaled bodies
I still smell the stench of burnt corpses
Winter took charge of turning their souls
Ice survivors escaped from the village in flames
From the black smoke coming from their shelters
From the flame of our torches
Guided by the call of the wolf between a dense fog
That blinded all who seek the horizon

Lyrics was added by DevilDan

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