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Well I guess I’ll take the train
And move far away
And just keep going till I forget all
About your face
I’ll make my heart forget
About all the love
I’ll tell myself another lie and pretend
That you were never enough
But you were always enough
You were almost too much
For me
I’ll take days as they come
And try not to stare
At the man who looks like you
Standing over there
I’ll breathe in and breathe out
Yell and scream and shout
That I am not strong enough
My skin’s not as tough
As I know yours always was
But some day I will heal
I’ll grow another heart
And I guess until then
I’ll endure the falling apart
I’ll learn to love the quiet
And forget what was said
And maybe one day I’ll return
To the left side of my bed
Where lies the blood I bled
Where I lost my head
To you

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This Thing Called Living

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