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A Place Called You - lyrics

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Long ago and far away
You took me to a place I can’t forget
You’re my knight in shining armour
I guess you just don’t realise it yet
I’ve been cooped up in a tower
For hours and hours
The wrong guys all try to rescue me
Why kiss another frog
You’re the only one I want
It’s obvious, why can’t you see?
Won’t you take me to the place we used to meet?
It’s sunny and funny
And quirky and oh oh oh
A little piece of heaven
And I so wanna go
I know my happy ending
But you don’t have a clue
Cos where I want to be is a place
A place called you
Long ago and far away
In a land of make believe
I saw a perfect happy ending
So come on back and set me free
Take me to the place where the stars come out
Just me and you is what it’s all about
Take me to the place where we used to go
Yeah you know Romeo you were so oh oh…
How much I long to see your face
Cos no one ever can replace
A place called you

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