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Usurping the Obsidian God - lyrics

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Incipit Chaos!
Emancipate our fevered will
Consecrate victory
With Pan-Aeonic might
Grant us your majesty
And the triumph ov your glory
So we may crush the laws ov man, bleed the sands ov time
And drown in the Oceans ov Ain
Ov those who us bear false witness
Your immolation shall be our justice
Let their screams echo
In the chasms ov the stars
Nameless Warspawn!
Embrace the sons’ ov Cain
Keeper ov the Black Thrones
Exalt be this sacred rite
Oh Sword ov the Night’s Storm!
Illuminate the ancient path
Bless this Pentecost ov Fire, and count us among your ranks
We sons ov Promethean Kings
Brothers you’ve sworn yourselves unto the darkness
(Bathe in the light ov Chaos)
Iscariot’s kiss only paid by debt ov your blood
(Drown in the Oceans ov Ain)
This malediction defiles oaths ov the holy
(Bathe in the light ov Chaos)
Confess as I seat thee at the altar ov steel
(Drown in the Oceans ov Ain)
Rise child ov wrath
And bathe in the light ov Chaos
Assimilate the knowledge ov the Abyss
Let mankind fall as the Archons before them
Endless Titan
Dark vessel ov madness
Break through threshold and let it be done!
Open the gateway so we are but one!

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