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The Grave - lyrics

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All of your work won't fit in the earth
When you're lying underground in the grave
Whatever amount in your balanced account
There's nothing you can buy in the grave
In the next age, no stock exchange
Is going to pass on the money we make
No lottery wins, political spins
When we're lying underground in the grave
No surgery defies gravity
But it all falls away in the grave
And who's gonna care what color you wear?
There's no fashion show in the grave
So swallow it down, no easy way around
Just a pill for the thrills that we crave
But no medicine to stop kingdom come
It's your time, get in line, for the grave
And we'll all be the same
And we'll go as we come
Side by side, as we lie in the grave
We'll all be the same
We'll go as we came
Side by side, as we lie in the grave

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