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I don't want to see you anymore, goodbye
Throwing me those tired clich'd words and worthless lies
Don't be thinking everything's just gonna be fine
Put on your shirt boy and grab your keys
'Cause this just ain't gonna fly
You're the one that taught me how to be so sly
Putting up with all your childish games and still you act surprised
Remember when you told me that all real men don't cry
Turn your head boy and swallow your pride
I see the tear coming from your eye
(Goodbye) What don't you understand
(Goodbye) It's my only demand
(Goodbye) Let me give you a hand
I'll show you to the door
(Goodbye) I don't need to explain
(Goodbye) Or this could get profane
(Goodbye) Don't care 'bout your pain
It's time for you to go
I can't believe I said I'd love you 'til I died
That was when I thought I could believe your alibi
I guess I really just don't like your kind of guy
Save it on me boy, I'm bored of you
And I just don't wanna hear why

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