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Our awakening emotions
Always dormant and unused
What is present in the sunlight
Reality is refused

Silent vivid feelings
Try hard and they won't appear
Let your new soul be reborn
All our sadness disappear

Lilacs in the attic
They're fragile to the skin
No time left to notice
All the beauty held within
Lilacs in the attic
They're peaceful and serene
Fading into the darkness
Their beauty left unseen

Can you see the magical colors
Canvassing the sky
How impatient is the moon
While it rises up so high

The world is on fire
So aggressively it will rise
Why is hatred taught
And why must we
Learn to despise


Who will show us love
We've seen how not to accept
Our beauty is already lost
And our visions won't be kept


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Endless Blue

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