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Sweetness passed and leaves me here alone
I can never find you when I'm naked in the dark again
Waiting here I can't believe you're gone
Dreaming of the lies deceive what's true and what will never be
Sky is falling down on me
Grasping all the hope inside, holding all those tears you've cried
Shivers burn a girl I should not be
Long time cold
I just can't stop the shaking
Why couldn't you just stay here with me
But no, of course, You had to go away
You took your rainy eyes away
Time has passed and still I'm here alone
Sharp emotions overtake a lonely girl about to break
Not a voice can bring me from this place
Nothing when I cannot feel can't tell what's true and what is real
Darkness hiding all my fear
Hoping I can try and be, the past keeps coming back to me
Running faster still I'm here
Frozen cold
I just can't stop the shaking

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