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Empty Sockets - lyrics

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I don't see what they see.
They see a world of love.
I see a world of hate.
Do you see what I see?
Do you see the blood?
Do you see your fate?
You live life with blood on your hands.
At the end of the day, you kneel down and you pray,
but never it washes off the stains.
You blame your sins on the devil,
but you're the only one to blame.
You and Satan are one in the same.
He exists so you can sleep at night.
Say your prayers, everything will be alright.
Tuck your children into bed.
God will forgive every spiteful thing you've ever said.
You never eat where you shit,
but when you open your mouth, you're fucking full of it. You're fucking full of shit.
You judge me. Take a look in the mirror.
Is the image becoming clearer?
Look yourself in the eyes.
Look past the barrier of lies.
Do you see the devil in your eyes?
Do you see your fate?

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