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Shroud of Flesh - lyrics

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I descend upon the earth
in the radiant flames of a craft unknown.
Ripping through the atmosphere
spreading panic as the audio drones.
All my essence is imprisoned in the comet
as it impacts with blinding light.
Shattering through colossal structures.
Nothing gets out alive.
I was sent to this earth to observe humanity.
To perceive the universe with the eyes of mortality.
I shroud myself in flesh.
Existence is governed by death.
Generating a perfect clone.
I am reborn.
A wolf in sheep skin undetected.
I am reborn.
What they want to see is projected.
I am reborn.
I can feel Everything.
I walk through the flames.
New sensations.
I feel the pain.
The smoke fills my lungs.
They're staring clueless, biting their tongues.
If they knew what lies beneath my skin
they'd know that the one they judge,
is the one who will judge them all in the end.

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