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On this blank canvas of my life
The paint will start to dry
I've spent years watching days turn into nights
And my will to fight decay
I'm sick of feeling this way
My reflection lost colour in it's complexion
But I've found an escape
So I will break away from this horrible pain
Away from the agony that comes with
Heartbreak and tears amidst my teenage years
A broken family isn't an ideal place to grow up in
I have to come to terms with the reasons I hurt and
I will forgive the ones who placed this weight on me
I've gone from feeling worthless to worthy
Thanks to you I've found a purpose and you're it
I never thought I'd ever see you leave
If I had one wish it would be for you to stay
We promised to grow old and at 60 we'd lay
On the front lawn and just look up
Though that memory still makes me smile
Knowing I'll never see yours again makes me sad sometimes
You gave me more than I could ever ask for
And now you're gone
Now you're gone I've got no motivation at all to keep moving forward
Now you're gone I'll lay on the front lawn with the porch light on alone
(Now you're gone, I am alone)
I will lay here for hours
Just like we used to
When you were above ground

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