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Justin Bieber vs Ludwig van Beethoven - lyrics

Look what the cat dragged
back from the dead
man looks like Chewbacca
wiped his ass on your head

I'm the next the next Michael Jackson
you smell like Bette White
here's some aspirin
you're catching Bieber fever tonight

Because my voice is incredible
and your music is terrible
who even listens to Classical anyway?
even Elise want to do me
and now that you're right next to me,
I can understand why they used the dog to play you in the movies

Sit down,son
and let me give you a music lesson
ask Bach,
I've got more cock than Smith and Wesson
never say never?
You'll never be forgetting
I've crafted masterpieces
that will last troughout the ages
your music gets you b*tches on your facebook pages!
I'm committing verbal murder
in the major third degree
My name is Beethoven motherf*cker, maybe you heard of me.
Not the Saint Bernard version,
I'm the real OG.
You wanna trade blows?
You can't even hit puberty!

I've got Kim Kardashian
in my bed backstage,
when's the last your time music,got anybody laid?
I've got a concert in five,
so there's not much time left,
What else can I say?
Your own music made you deaf.

I would smack you,
but in Germany we don't hit little girls!
and I'm glad I'm deaf
so I can't hear that piece of sh*t "My World"
there's a crowd of milions
waiting to hear my symphonies,
you wanna be a little white Usher?
Here,show them to their seats.

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