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Bound for Greatness - lyrics

Waiting for hope, watching for a sign
Many have tried to walk this path
They will not truly in their heart
Bound for greatness
My fate in my own hands
I will fight for truth
Glory awaits me today
Never will evil kill me
My destiny is my own choice
Rise up against all odds
Take a chance to be free
Where others may fall, I will stand
Lit is my soul, I see in darkness
Swords, armor and shields clash
Those untrue will die this day
If you don't have a pure heart
You will fall like a dead tree
And so it was told
When a man rose up against all odds
Bound for greatness and glory
So too can a simple man do the same
As how the blacksmith forges a sword
So too we must forge our own destiny

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Bound for Greatness

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