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Love. It doesn't have to be gained, for it always existed, even before you first laid eyes upon them.
Fate led you to them and destiny will be your guide.
You look at your lover, deep into their eyes.
You don't even have to look at their face, just lay close and embrace them.
You touch their skin, and as your fingers caress , you feel all the energy of your lover every second your skin is with theirs.
When you're in their arms nothing will hurt you.
You are protected and comforted, don't ever let go.
All good things come to an end, but for some reason you know with all your heart this can never end, nor will it dwindle. This is eternal love. You know your souls will fly away forever in joy.
Love is visible in nature. You can see it in the beauty of the trees, oceans and mountains. It's as if eternal love dwells there, and when you gaze upon the essence of their existence, it reminds you of your true love you have in your heart, and it brings you into a realm of fantasy where you are surrounded by love and imagination.
On a cold, dark night you look up to the stars, gazing where boundaries are broken and wonder overcomes you. You will forever soar through the stars, reaching new heights and traveling far beyond the cosmos.
In dreams is where we dream of true love. You could can see your lover reaching out their hand, calling your name in the wind. They long to reach out and grab your hand, and sail far away to distant lands. But your hand will not reach just yet, for now is not the time. One day without knowing it, you will stumble upon each other, and you will see that the dreams were true. For now is the time to remain patient. Do not worry, they will find you.
Just look at your lover's face and their soul will be exposed. It will make them the most beautiful person alive. Even in death, you will not part. This is true love.

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