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Consider This Goodbye ft. Kait Weston - lyrics

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God I know I promise that no matter what I will always keep you close to my side

and to, 
never allow a full moon to take control or to reawaken my tide

deeply into your eyes beyond these doubts once wide awake they'll realize

that I was, 
your radiance but I can be there no longer

so consider this goodbye
(verse 1)

if I could take the images within my head and have them painted

what I fear the most that I'm the product of something dangerous

they even told me careful who you open your heart to

cause what's hidden the snakes venom it's harmful

notice I'm not romantic, never knew exactly what love meant

so the only love that I have is for the holy spirit

always have been there for me, never allowed me to give in

started with the man in the mirror which lead to self renovation 

no I ain't superman, no ain't wolverine,

no I ain't Hercules, I'm simply an average human being

well eventually the devil will pretty soon have his way with me

from the second I jump, but need someone to mute my screams

and my agony and leave me as is

maybe now I'll be missed, convinced there won't be a funeral service

so send me an angel oh heavenly father

consider this farewell, a song for my departure
(verse 2)

well this is where we must depart

laying down along these avenues and boulevards

for now all I need is god and for you to pray for me

any anguish along the way of this journey, then show no mercy

haven't felt like myself lately darkness is infiltrating

sketch a canvas of light no longer illuminating

headed for a malfunction, well I wasn't resilient

was like vesseling a virus and vaccines into bliss

trust me god this isn't their concern
not even for a split second expect for me to return 

please promise me that when I'm gone 

who I was will be exposed

yes maybe these flames are deadly but what I seek is in the smoke

I'm on a destination, have my suitcase and ticket

see this as my goodbye, as a matter of fact good reddens

so send me an angel oh heavenly father
consider this farewell 
a song for my departure.

(verse 3)

am I your sense of relief or am I more like your burden 

doesn't matter it won't keep me from this train I'm boarding 

was like these events weren't given to me in portions

there I saw distortion, like I was a magnetic for misfortune
against my demons, there I was skeptical

where life is unpredictable, god is incredible

so send me an angel oh heavenly father

consider this Farwell a song for my departure.

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