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Dead Angel Rising - lyrics

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It's been a while since I fell asleep in your arms,
the reflection of your tears
was penetrating to the bottom of my torment.
It felt like a whole eternity
while I was dying in your arms
and begging for just one word to say goodbye.
Now each second means a thousand other lives
until I reach cruelty and rescue
and I'll meet you again above the bridge of eternity
from which I can only follow your steps in secret
in the world of no one.
Above a surface of wandering fates
I often return to the pictures of a life of fulfillment.
I can't hide my sorrow or suffering.
Over my loneliness and isolation.
Shall I be thankful?
To whom and how
For unearthly freedom
And fusion with eternity
When I'm watching for icons of two joined souls
Every touch, every look and maybe a new awakening…

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