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Sequel - lyrics


Wholehearted interference
Interferes my every need
Shakes my ability to
Let the strangers take the lead

I am you right and wrecked wing
I'll give you notes on every
Things are never quite the way they seem
Try all, try hard, try harder
Could we try to stand together
Building what we know forever

I'll mark my scars,
Mark my scores in my own chest...
We're coming out to get you,
Out to get our kicks from need...

Some say you're lost and lost again
You follow quite the wrong road
Then the things are not quite what they seem
My way is raw and ruthless
I will never dance in sinfulness
I'll mark my scores in my own chest

Cold hearted sense for
Sequence suffocate
All I was seated for
All ever needed
Sense by my deepest pride
Sense to be equal
All taken granted for
I'll be your sequel

All I've been taken for
All be defeated
Take what you're granted for
Get what you pleaded
Brace it all, take it in and
Live while you're feeling
Felt nothing like before and
Stay in that feeling

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