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Great Day For An Airstrike - lyrics

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Their secrets are untouched
Oblivious to what you're thinking it's not what matters most
Just the views of the ones speaking
We can learn a new way to give
Where it wouldnt be so hard to give
Their stories start with love
Build and mold their way around you
Turns into your life
Ends in better rage
Starting off this new day seems so bright
Still you grasp your cross and pray to be all right
Cause' no matter what, or how they say it's the same old story everyday
These sources are unreal
They even tell you how to feel the look the act the sound
All things sublimnally bound
This is not going to that long
So please try to lay back and wait The air is tight,
I'll hold strong
Soon this fight will be over
There's no time to evacuate
Accepting fate is a choice to asphyxiate
A show of hands could stop their plans
Things are about to change
Would it matter anyway, they say
You have a choice it take one voice, to make a difference

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