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No Sleep For Dreaming - lyrics

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As the parasol in bloom hid your painted eyes
The parasites moved in and stole my porcelain bride
She is namless and shes vain, sucked with new attentions
And you didn't have to change they adored pretension
With skin pale as the sand near the nest we laid on
You gave yourself away, regret as an option
No sleeping for dreaming now, the restless
wander dark alone masking this pained shadow on our fears We forgot ourselves We lost ourselves in this maze again
Chasing the moon's Icarus descent
She is wicked - all the sane - staved for new directions
And she wouldn't have to change they adored pretension
The soomthing screams seems fit, stowed and locked away and in one thrust she turned night into day
No more tries, no more sleep for dreaming
No more, cries cure this rude awakening
And all is left to those that could destroy their loves embrace This could have been done with more style, with more grace No more sleep for dreaming
No more sleep for dreaming While the parasol in bloom kid your painted eyes
As the sun climbs high, I'll watch your shadow lie

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