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No Words To Describe - lyrics

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Could I have known, what to expect insted
I learned the hard way I have seen better days than this and
I still tried my best
Athough nothing came of every single day
But look at me now, I'm all okay
All through your heartache
At your bedside I remained
Let the obvious in
With all I gave, there was nothing in return
You made me feel useless
But now it's your turn to learn Stop screaming at me
Stop making excuses tell me the truth
Maybe this change was for the best, these were your words
I let go of all my friends
So I could stay by your side I never realized
There's no words to describe How this felt no alibi
Now you know too And I'm much stronger now
More than I was before this
All thanks to you
A calandar and a half for what
Count the days of six months time
To see past myself with you

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