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Schoolyard Crush - lyrics

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Someday we would remember this
We closed our eyes and touched our playground lips
The simplest touch, back then it could mean so much
In the eyes and the mind of a schoolyard crush
We were flush with color and filled with schemes
New for everyday
Our age couldn't hold down our untamed dreams
Which always got away
Where did you go
Where are you now
I thought the world could not tear us apart
Our youth was filled with laughs and laps
We locked our hands and danced on wheels
To the songs we knew by heart
Someday it had to come to this
We closed our eyes and met our high school skin
The simplest touch, it could hurt so much
In the eyes and the mind of a teenage love
We didn't just give it away
Wish a wish and cross your heart,
And then hope to die

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