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Welcome To Fhloston Paradise - lyrics

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Hello, how are you?
Have you been waiting long?
Are you all ready set let's go
And never look back we'll hop the next train
And ride it into blood red skies
Lets leave with nothing with us
And make a pact with the wold
We'll run down these streets screaming
Time to find another place
This story just has a beginning
Its time to pick up the pace
We've been to New Jersey Yeah we've been to San Jose
Tomorrow lets adopt a new culture
Somewhere so very far away
Now we'll become shadows and we'll become thoughts
And even without direction we are never lost
We'll come upon an oasis
A utopia all our own
Develop a civilization and keep it hidden from the world
The day fades into night the night shines bright
With starry light
Believe me when I say things were meant to be this way

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