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I ramble throught the galaxy,looking for my place
I´m asking myself why I´m here
Eyes in darkness can´t see the aim
Thoughts weigh,am I maybe near?
Candles of human´s fates burn out
The moment of truth,then spot of nativity
In the down of new,maybe better tomorrows
From a neverending far distances don´t decrease.
Thousands of words guide the way of mine
And their "go!" slowly fades
Long-ago shadows of creatures dance
In the heartbeats,in flows of time.
Sumus fortasse dii
Causa adventus nostri?
Habemus universalem potestatem
Est causa presentiae nostri?
Sumus fortasse universum
Causa adventus nostri?
Estote modesti sumus solummodo,pars universi
Inkognitis galaxiis
We rush like senseless on
With blind hate which devours us
Kills all living,destroys lifeless
A where´s the one who grave us the right.
Estote modesti sumus solummodo,pars universi...

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