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For the King and the Crown - lyrics

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Knights of the old way we were once
And now we fade away
Forged in the past
We sing the songs, of long gone yesterday
Our secret brotherhood remains
Clad in mystery
Our deeds, just echoes of the past
A long forgotten memory
Now join the path of valor
Your fate awaits my son
Become who you were born to be
To war and death, onwards to victory
We are the grey wardens
Master the taint without a scar
We are the grey wardens
Betrayed at Ostagar
We are the grey wardens
Not foe nor tempest brings us brave souls down
Into battle once again
For the king and the crown
Knights of the old days we were once
Now we rise again
To fight the demon and its breed
All in the makers name
All side by side the wardens march
Stand with the king
While we still fight
Nothing is lost
Of us tomorrow's tales will sing
The dark breed marches
Make haste to Ostagar
I join you brothers
Against the creatures from afar
The black tide rises
Now travel fast to Ostagar
To war and death
No place for fear in our hearts
In war - victory
In peace - vigilance
In death - sacrifice
Joins us brothers, join us sisters
Join us in the shadows dark
Join us brothers, join us sisters
Evermore we stand on guard
This day the stars stood still
Was it the makers will
The king is dead and gone
Beneath a dying sun

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