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Into The Dragon's Lair - lyrics

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Khisanth the black
Guardian of the Lair, Keeper of the crystal blue
Once more I must unlock the door
Khisanth the black
Keeper of the lair, Guardian of the secret truth
Into the dragon's lair once more
Endless was my search
And such a long way I have come
Just to return to where it all begun
Through darkenwood across the plains
To where insanity still sings
Back to the place
Where death has blackened wings
Eternal is the pain
Endless the night I'm going through
How can I ever wake up from this dream
In darkness lost I cannot move
And time is standing still
One word of magic
I hear the dragon cast a spell
Caught in dragonfear I feel
She tries to break my will
One word of magic
As she rises from the pit of hell
Khisanth the black
Guardian of the Lair, keeper of the crystal blue
Into the dragon's Lair once more
Khisanth the black
Return this man to Huma's breast
Beyond the wild impartial skies
Grant him a warrior's rest
And set the last spark of his eyes
Above the dreams of ravens where
Only the hawk remembers death
Then let his shade to Huma rise
Beyond the wild impartial skies
Behold the light and she's gone forevermore
What bitter fate is mine, the last one of us all
Endless was our search
Right from the dragon's lair we come
The guardian slain, but just a battle won
Can't you feel the rising storm
That greater evil comes our way
The final chapter, the downfall of our days
Solace is burning see the heaven's all alight
May their love ignite a fire
Strong enough to bum the night

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