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The Great Brotherwar - lyrics

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It is a golden age
The prime of humankind
But chaos brings us down from within
We were like brothers once
Now I call you enemy
All you traitors shall die by my hand
Pay for your treachery
Brothers we were, fighting side by side
In glory unified
We brought the truth, the imperial light
None could stand before our might
This world is lost
Come see the flames
Tortured and burned to the core
But still we all march on the fields
Of the great brotherwar
In ruins it all lies
Nothing but ashes in the skies
Out of chaos, we rise once again
One day it will all rise again
If lesser man shall rule
Answer me, what shall be my reward
Empires rise and fall
Let chaos thrive
Embrace the Chaos-Lord
I hear the serpent speak
Foul words
Excuses for the weak
What rotten speech you give
The emperor shall not forgive
Now it is time to cross the blades
Your lies I won't hear anymore
Die by my hand
Your treachery will find its end
This world is lost
In ruins it all lies
I see the fire
But I can't feel the heat
I see my brothers die
But I cannot hear them scream
My vision fades
My final chapter done
This day I'm dying
To the last, a true and loyal son
What have we done
Was there no other way
No other road to take
All this death, for you I pray
Now set me free
My part in this is done
And all is lost
Empire come undone

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The Great Brotherwar

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