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From far beyond they are coming
The beast has been unleashed
Wave after wave
Another demon joins the feast
Like flies to the light
And like flies they will be crushed
For the emperor
We grind them into dust
And the purifying fire awaits
Brothers, let them burn
Come at me bastard
Show me the fury of your kind
Down goes the Ravenor
I leave all mercy behind
Space marines to war
The beast must die today, my friend
We strike the hive-mind
Right at its bloody core
Brothers they shall burn
For each of us a thousand die
We make our stand, rain fire from the sky
Brothers let them burn
For each of us ten thousand die
Ride upon the fury of their storm
Little by little
We are thinning the swarm
Dark are the skies today
Can't you hear them call
Death from above
Now hold the line or all will fall
To kill the mother-beast
We need to strike the core
For the emperor
We shall end this war
I am the hive-mind
And you won't bring me down
For we are legion
No force can ever bring us down
Feed it the poison
We bring the tyrant down today
Primarch guide my hand
Let the bullet find its way
Feed it the poison
We brought the mother down today
We shall live to fight
And die another day

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The Great Brotherwar

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