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And You Don't Even Know It- Bus Station Repri.. - lyrics

There's a clock on the wall and it's moving too slow
But Mimi Me's got places to go
And she's waited too long and her waiting is done
Now she's finding her feet and she's ready to run
I'm a superstar and you don't even know it
In a wonderbra and you don't even know it
You're so blah blah and you don't even know it
Yeah that's all you are and you don't even know it
And i'm coming up
In a double D cup
Cos when a boy's this stacked
He's the headline act
You little people in my way
Keep getting smaller everyday
I'm bursting at the seams
And i'm gonna be the one
Get off my stage, get in your place
Sit back and memorise this face
You'll see it in your dreams
And i'm gonna kiss the

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