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Once in a lifetime
There will rise a hero
Who's approaching footsteps, will cause the earth to quake
Once in a lifetime
They'll baptize a hero
In the blood she left in her wake
The legend of Loco Chanelle
I'll sing a story now of way out West
Of Madame Loco and her blood red dress
And of the man who didn't treat her right
You see that dress, well it started out white
She was the sweetest thing you'd ever seen
Raised on a cattle ranch in Southey Green
She was a beauty queen in '69
And spent her summers on the Greyhound line
(Loco) She knew a beauty queen must have her crown
(Loco) So she set off to a place called London Town
(Loco) Where streets are paved with gold and lit with dreams
(Loco) And magpies come to gather all that gleams
(Loco) A simple girl who never traveled far
(Loco) But in her heart there burned a superstar
(Loco) She hit 'em hard and swore to give 'em hell
The legend of Loco Chanelle (Loco Chanelle, Loco Chanelle)

She'd not a single friend to count upon (Loco Chanelle)
Until in Camden met a man named John (Loco Chanelle)
He liked her lipstick and he loved her wig
He told her "babydoll I'll make you big" (Loco Chanelle)
"Stick with me kiddo and the city's yours" (Loco Chanelle)
"The fame, the fortune, the perpetual applause" (Loco Chanelle)
She trusted Johny, so she spent the night
Who knew a wolf had such a charming bite?
(Loco) But Johny was an agent, not a gent
(Loco) And took more than the usual 10 percent
(Loco) And though he promised Miss Chanelle the earth
(Loco) She soon discovered what his word was worth
(Loco) On opening night the audience was packed
(Loco) When she caught him screwing with a younger act
(Loco) In flagrante at the Finchley Hotel
The heartbroken Loco Chanelle (Loco Chanelle, Loco Chanelle)
The seats were sold out to the last reserves (Loco Chanelle)
She said: "I need a drink to calm my nerves" (Loco Chanelle)
Then she saw Johny with his tie askew
Her look was loaded and her gun was too (Loco Chanelle)
"Here's to you Johny, have a shot to start" (Loco Chanelle)
And then she smiled and shot him through the heart
Her dress was purest white till Johny bled
And turned her virgin gown to deepest red

(Loco) She strolled onto the stage, a crimson queen
(Loco) And killed the crowd by stealing every scene
(Loco) And soon her fans were queuing round the block
(Loco) To see the diva in the blood red frock
(Loco) And that, my dear, is how the star shall rise
(Loco) With ruby lips and murder in her eyes
(Loco) Till one day to avoid a prison cell
(Loco) Miss Loco vanished like a magic spell
(Loco) Where she is now, no! I'll never tell
That's the legend of Loco Chanelle

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