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I watched you leave from a bench in a park
by the old hanging tree
as a great wave would float to great open sea

I watched you leave
I stayed all day by that hollow tree
and I cried till the sun went to sleep
and I pictured your hair, your long dark hair
and I wondered when we'd be free
I stayed all day in the garden
contemplating how lucky I was
oh, to know the difference
and what a burden it's become
I let you leave on a plane to the west
and I let you go with such ease
and I let you think that you weren't the one
to give me the strength that I need
you steered away, it's all you could do
like a ship casting off at first light
leaving behind the ruin I am
in the darkest of times
what could I know, so sad and alone
I suppose it's what I could do on my own
go through life careful and cold
on this solitary road
and I miss you more than ever before
and I wait for this to pass
I'd take a knife to my heart if I could
I pray that this can last
so I pack a suitcase and say my goodbyes
I explain I have somewhere to go
for life has a way of throwing the signs
and either we learn or we don't
oh, it's easy to stay at a place that you know
and challenge the world to fight
no certainties, no promised land
just think of what you might find
I let you leave with a pain in my breath
a pocket with nothing world would regret
oh, I've never known anything quite like it
and I watched you leave

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