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Legions of Death - lyrics

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Warriors of Sheol ride the storm
Coming to retrieve the human forms
Black cloak rider, force of sin
Mission to destroy white magic's kin
Curse their holy souls
In fire they will die
Good comes to an end
Steal the power from their eyes
High priests pray to their one above
But the winged beasts of evil kill their loved
Phantoms of eternal hell watch on
As darkness slays, light's now gone
Lives of earthen tame
Torn to shreds alive
Taken by the blade
Laughing at their cries
Evil stalks the lives of men, they can't be saved
Hapless victims falling hard to meet their grave
Terror reigns, insanity lives in human fear
Blackened world, malicious souls, hell is here
Specters hunting freeze you with their hateful eyes
Luring victims to their death, petrified
Sacrifice to lord of evil, glorified
For merciless onslaught, all must die
City lies in flame as troops march on
Pillaging and plundering from dawn till dusk till dawn
Turning the earth into eternal fire
Legions of death will leave you crucified

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