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Bring Me to Death - lyrics

Day by day
I've been running against the time
And space
Day by day
I've been crying in vain
Flash to flash
Worring thoughts come to my mind
And so the question is
Should I die?
I see no way
To lead with the situation
Deep in my head
Bad thought that I need to forget
I've been suffering
i've been between life and death
Oh God please bring me
Bring me to death
I've been so doubtful
I can't see the way to death
Oh god please bring me to death
I'm revolted
So many things I wish i did
I have no choice
To my life
My brain is spinning
The thoughts hammer on my mind
And so the question is
Should i die?
All the days that I've wasted in my life
All wrong things that I shouldn't have done
I never heard my friends before
I've always give up my golden plans

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