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The Same - lyrics

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feels like I should have something more to say
but these words get caught and stuck inside my brain
and I hate I let you go
before I let you know
some nights, I'm wide awake and hear your name
and some days I close my eyes and see your face
and I blame my insecure
I don't know what she's good for
cuz that one time
when you and I
laid side by side
I should have stayed
I know that it's too late
to ask for you to wait
I ran out of time
but I'll give this a try
hey, do you feel the same?
I think I lost my way
I swear I'm not insane
but you're stuck in my mind
you are all the time
hey, do you feel the same?
do you feel the same?
I wish you understood what's going on
cuz I've felt this way for you for way too long
move on... I know I should
but I don't know how I could
cuz that one night
your eyes met mine
now... I'm all yours.

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