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ZigZag Machinery - lyrics

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Ancient superstar and hometown boy
Everybody's friend, zigzag machinery
Risen from the ashes, born from soil
Pure and simple heart, enjoy the scenery
Hero worship, all the ego toys
Everybody hating, zigzag machinery
Draw attention, till attention's void
Psychopathic heart, enjoy the scenery
ZigZag Machinery
All inside your head
Public icon that is bleeding light
Everybody's brother, zigzag machinery
Reaching stratospheres in solo flight
Hope is in your reach, enjoy the scenery
Day is buzzing and the nerves are tight
Everybody's fault, zigzag machinery
Tension rising, all the knuckles white
Schizophrenic heart, enjoy the scenery
Sometimes the world is in your hands
A world that's only wasteland
Clouds obscure the sun
Return to noone

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