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Transfornation Pt2 - lyrics

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Now you will go, now you would say -
Now you give up, choose easy way
Laughing and playing
When I should go, when I should say -
Now your life is nice,
Give us your pray and buy
Making every promise empty
Through this kingdoms pointing every
Finger at me
Sometimes don't care, sometimes just fear
There's so much preassure
That our lives will feed us throught glass eyes
So real, I fight, I feel - It's a lie
I saw you in heaven and heard of your glory
But now you are showing us wonder
Don't need your reason
Just will get even
Just keep crying and scream
Like "What I've done!"
And chaired around
This is the second
When feel so maniac
Just relaxing, can talk
When despiting
The truth that become
World has changed.
It's no longer about nations,
Ideologies, or ethnicity
It's an endless series of proxy battles
War - and it's consumption of life
Has become a well-diles machine
World has changed.
Battlefield control, information control,
Emotion control, genetic control.
Everything is monitored and kept under control
World has changed.
The age of deterrence has become
The age of control. All in the name
Rebalancing resources, war becomes routine.
So real, I fight, I feel
So real, I fight, I feel

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