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This night will be the best - lyrics


It's monday and everybody goes to school,
all students are sleepy and cool,
we're looking forward to going home.
It is time to learn the subject,
our teacher is called mr. Jack,
he is good but WE WANT WEEKEND!
It's another week and we still go to the school,
outside it's nice, we'll go to the pool.
We want to go out and not be shut inside.
Only one day and there will be friday,
only one day and there will be a nice day,
we will go to a party, to my friend Marty!
I'll go outside with my friends,
we'll go and see our favourite bands.
We will go to the super nest,
this night will be the best!
We really enjoy the party,
I will remember our farting!
Thanks to the people who came
and also Marty!
Now we must go back to school,
we again are sleepy and cool,
so again, so again next friday!

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