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Hic Sunt Leones pt. II – The Price for Delive.. - lyrics

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Shades in the sunlight,
scream of innocents
unspoken nightmares prey upon me
Life in fear
the price for deliverance
Oh, for god's sake
I hate to be free
Day by day,
hunted and chased
the menace of death killing me
Oh, I used to be an adventurer,
until I've been knocked down to my knees
Far from the empire
dwells belligerence
Armies of darkness victimize me
Last frontier
it makes no difference
to fight them back or attempt to flee
Day by day
I fail to be brave
the wilderness ruined my dream
Oh, I used to be an adventurer,
then my courage evolved into fear
Voices of undying
recite my testament
grim reaper's eyes now gaze upon me
I'll fall on spear
or break my ligament
By hook or by crook
my fate is foreseen
Day by day
they call out my name
Headsman doesn't wait for my plea
Oh, I used to be an adventurer,
now I wish I would never have been

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