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Welcome to the new dimension
Give up your past life at the gates
Enter the vast mystic vortex
Here is your last eternal fate
This is your new native
This is where you belong
A world of chaos transgress
No rules to judge the mess
Darkness, doom everywhere
The voices of howling shaking the air
Fire, smacking your face
Lava streams melting grace
The only question that invades your mind
Is what the hell brought you here
Is anyone there, that you may find
To drag you out this mortal fear
You're shouting, is anyone here?
The echoes of your voice spread in the air
You are walking in fields of flame
Hopelessly without any aim
All you can see through the mist
Are ashes flying till it rest
To shroud the ground in awful whine
while the sky cries, an acid rain
The only thing that you figure out
That you are in hell and no way out
But why I'm alone, you will ask
I answer you by simple words
You are in a place that no one can find
You are in the origin of your mind
You are in yourself
You are in you.

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Mournful Cry Of A Dying Sun