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Dopamine - lyrics

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Lost and left to fade
We are falling
I am falling apart
From the apathy of our kind
An abortion of our heart
They will tear apart
As we remain numb
So much has been corrupted by the
Liars and the thieves
Liar, bastard, judging us
As we succumb to our disease
Liar, bastard, judging us
As we are left here without the cure
As I fall apart
As I fall apart
All is going dark
As I fall apart
I must see
I must feel
All I fight for
Left inside
All I see
All I feel
I'll still fight for
What's inside my heart
We were the sons
We were the daughters
That must consume
As we have no choice
To give up our life
To a window made of light
We're lost
Thieves of man
Liars (Liars)
Bastards (Bastards)
Thieves of man
We are falling
We are falling

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