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Her Eyes - lyrics

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You held me down and took control
You told me count my blessings
You took advantage of my soul
I should’ve learned my lesson
But I’m so messed up
(I can feel It, I can feel It in my bones)
I just want your touch
(I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna be alone)
(Even though she’s lovely)
I can see the devil in her eyes
I think ima stay for the night
Hope she doesn’t take over my mind
Will I even make it out alive?
No I can’t take this anymore
I know I’m the problem
I keep on coming back for more
Cause you are a goddess
I can save you, If you let me try
I can see through, all the bullshit lies
I won’t let him, take control inside
Its enough now cause the
The devil is alone tonight

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