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Dream in Beautiful Slumber - lyrics


Her blackened eye reflects the soul
Angelic she stands
Every minute passes by
With a silent cry

All alone, no one there
Her senseless way of life
She tried to tell
But you never listened

Hate for this eternal pain
For never ending grief
For burning down my heart
For crushing my life

Walking never alone
A shadow without light
Tears sprinkle my skin
My heart just wants to die

Her hole life she felt unloved
Just too much for her little heart
And it tears my eyes and eats my soul
This everlasting memory so cruel
Feeds my pain
Now just a grave is left
All being just black and grey
And nothing’s alright

Tears in her eyes
Which no one sees
No friend in her life at all
This false love was the last nail
In her coffin
Just enough to leave

You never ever listened
And now she died
You never ever listened
And now she died.

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