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The Ancient Realms - lyrics


I travel through my dreams
There’s no forward, there’s no return
Bleeding heart, it hurts

My blinded eyes can’t see
A place none before me ever saw
The holy shrine of endless pain

Pain inside is rising
I am a fallen one
A puppet of the ancient ones
Predestined for doom

I flew into this darkened place
Sorrows crush my soul
Insanity is rising
Crying out the pain

I’m not a king, I’m just a fool
How can I live, if there’s no end

Wind blows in my face
Dark wastelands lie beside
Caught inside this realm
Of endless life

Frozen seas apart
Lost souls gather to rise
The end of all time

Hallowed be the holy quest
God he knows
How long I’ve been away
I did end to think

I travel further
Without a destiny
No fear of things to come

The ancients lead me through
Forgotten realms and surreal worlds
The places of the damned

Agony is rising
How can I face this fate
No sign of my salvation
Damned in this cold hell

My quest will never end
I’ve seen it in my dreams
There’s no hope anymore.

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