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Goodbye Goebbles - lyrics

Right now
Now that forever
Has taken it's best shot
And the whole wide world is raging
The music, the music of Munich
Fades into the ashes
I think we're alone now
Goodbye Goebbles
Sometimes there's no solving
Problems and pain
So one more refrain
Before our names
Are buried in shame
Chew up the old world
And spit out the new
Heres to the fourth reich
I bid you a Jew
Silence, silence is easy
The walls they are shaking
Your courage was sacred
And you lit up
You lit up my conscience
I think we're alone now
We're nearly alone now
Goodbye Goebbels
Sometimes there's no answer
Questions and games
So one more refrain
Against the grain
Beyond all blame
Bury the old world
And dig out the new
Here's to the fourth reich
I bid you adieu

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