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What´s wrong with us
Do we want more?
More than enough,
Let´s start a war
And watch the children cry
While stealing their childhood
How can I feel allright?
If all this can be true
You´ve got no clue
About the pain
The things you do
They kill and maim
So watch the woman cry
While stealing all her dreams
Why must her first son die?
Who´s the anemy
I wish it would end
All this I can´t stand
Be true
And tell me,
does it make you happy?
Use your fantasy,
imagine misery
It´s cruel
when people live in pain
What´s wrong with us?
Who´s keeping score?
It´s way to much
Can´t take no more
Of watching children cry
And losing all they know
Of watching children die
To reap what you sow
I wish it……
Please tell me why, please tell me why?
Why do we need the pain?

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