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Sixty Saragossa - lyrics

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I won’t fit inside your mold
To seek approval from you
And all the times I did what I was told
I felt like I had to
I know exactly the person I’m supposed to be
How dare you act as if you have the right to take that from me
Where I come from, where I’ve been
The things I’ve seen, they all make me who I am
It’s just that simple
I think I’ll learn from your mistakes
And break away before it’s too late
The day has come, it’s time we make our own way
It’s taken me four long years
To see that plans don’t always work out
But when one door closes, another opens
So cast aside your doubt
The path we’re meant to take isn’t always clear
Do your best and give nothing less
And your troubles won’t find you here
Take me as I am
I was never meant to be apart of your plan

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Sixty Saragossa