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Yoru ni hi wo tsugu you na mainichi mo
Itsuka mi wo musubu kara
Yamikumo demo mogaite mo ii
Tachitomarazu susumou
Kimi dake ga motsu Orijinaru
Hitimodoki kara wo yaburutame no chikara ni naru
Karisome no machi de kumo no ito wo agaru yo
Believe yourself
Kujike sou na kimi ni kono melody
Yume no basho tooi
Demo mitsuketa no nara
Subarashii n da yo
Each path that’s there are never identical
Do you want to keep being a slave ?
Adore and hate you might be carrying, but no one except you can be you
What others say isn’t correct
It is you who could decide whats best
You might feel isolated
It may be harsh but do not ever lose yourself
Come now
Sunny days
Rainy days
Weather all change
Someday friends will leave
You have to say good-bye but what you have to do will stay unchanged no matter what
Present (and) past
Occasion have had changes
Hold on tight to things you don’t want to say goodbye
Remember who you and what you are
Hitosuji ochita
Shizuka ga atatakaku shimikomu
Yuube no ame ga uso mitai da na to warau
Believe Yourself
Kanashimi mo
Zetsubou mo norikoerareru you ni
Kakemeguru omoi
Arittake atsumete
Ima uta yo
I’ll sing this song for you
Song that will keep us in touch
Everlasting song that won’t be lost
I’ll summon up my courage so that you can hear me call you from anywhere and anytime

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