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I am gonna take all pain you carry (and) pull you out from the dark!
“it’s not this and it’s not that…”
mumbling the same phrases over and over
can’t make the right decision
feel’s like you’ve been thrown somewhere on your own
suddenly, in middle of no where with no others to talk or (to) rely on
nostalgic memories entwines you like a vine
stabs you with thorns
You carry so much pain inside
why do you act to be strong?
you bluff and say you are okay
wicked smile proves you aren’t
don’t you be crying because sad face does not suit you
all I want is you
please keep smiling
Sun shine gradually fades away and clouds the answer
stay strong
Formulas and equations is no longer there
decisions are up to you
examine really carefully
see what’s there
look what is there
how does it reflect on to the mirror?
do not face away from reality
Scrutinize from the whorl of your hair right to the tip of your toe
what do you notice inside?
can you see?
yourself crying and your wounded heart
On and on tragedy happens
it is one of the routines we go through
Do get used to heart breaking news because it’s something that isn’t necessary
Drops of tears are the shape of your pain which cannot be express by words
it’s the only tangible object that let people recognize your wounds
don’t be afraid to cry or weep anytime you want to
Scars will heal someday
I will be waiting for you
you will be alright and rise up again
clouds that have blocked the light will vanish away
and sun light will shine
Have confidence in all your decisions
The more you cry, the stronger you’ll be
let the time heal all your scars

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