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Don't know what's being misunderstood
Missiles flying, children getting shot
Swindles everywhere, People who should be
The most loved ones, killing each other
Once you keep an eye off, things get stolen
The world is like this, the world we don't know
The unknown world, out of our hands, it don't matter
Covering it up, acting like you don't see a thing
If you think it's a different thing
You won't notice that the world you live in is
Eventually hitting towards this matter
Look at it, oh yeah!
The world is all linked together
Save our loved ones and the world
(Hey, hey, because breaking)
(Down the piled wood castle is easy)
These peaceful days lasting is a wish
(Hey, hey, these peaceful days)
(Continuing is just like a wish)
Because I have no idea
How many tickets "to live today" are (Left!)
Even at the time when you were playing cards
Somewhere in the world, somebody is crying
Us to one
Let me hear your voice!
Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi...
It still is way too quiet!
Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi...
We all have weaknesses
Losing against it is the end
Don't limit yourself
Don't limit yourself, yeah
Got to change them, raise your voice
To fight it out against your weak self
We sure do gotta change theme
The raising worries, the falling cold sweats on the back (On the back!)
Backing off saying, "Cannot make it happen" (Breakin' down!)
You really think (That way?)
You really think (That way?)
Shake it off and move on (Come on!)
(Shake it off and move on!)
(It's) just you are my love Your pure feeling
(You are my love, your faithful eyes)
That beautiful voice It's so valuable
(That beautiful voice, it's precious)
I wanna stay with you, not only tonight
(I want to stay with you, not only tonight but from now on)
The words that fell from you
(The words that fell from your voice)
Let us change it to connect tomorrow
(Change it to connect tomorrow)
Let's sing until our voices die
There must be many walls
There must be times you will be breaking down
But this song is there for you

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