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A distant craving in a former life
As times move forward so it grows
My weeping valley clear as evening gales,
will never hold another storm
It's still my party and i'll still break you in two
where you became
my sweet-heart, darling, angel of my fevered dreams
Please don't see me as a hunter
You were casr here for comfort
To keep her always by your side
pinhole flickers for a moment
Last sign of direction in worlds of your despair
I run my fortress far behind the trees
where every passage leads back to my arms
my sweet-heart, darling, angel of my fevered dreams
Do you see me only as a hunter
Just remember ??he's still unwhole??
Without me always by your side
He's still my family
I'll break you in two
Break you where you were born ______, born ____
Fill my grace with age
the right time, the right place
show me her ??mistake??
Please take me the same way

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