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Experience in Homosexual Necrophilism - lyrics

my perverted thoughts
cunts don't excite me
women are measurement births
males are making me hot
fucking into tight assholes
that's the thing i like

my fucking childhood
was a nightmare
but i ain't guilty
my father was sick, not me

my little sister
daily abused by him
i heard her screams every night
out of her bedroom

my old knife
i rammed into his back
he was shouting now instead of her
until he died

my little sister
i had compassion with her
i couldn't bear it and
released her of her agony

fathers brain on the wall
-his shotgun pleased me

my perverted father
he was lying there
his blood was spilled
and lust overwhelmed me

my hard cock
deep into his anus
so tight, so hot
i ejaculated into his dirty hole

now, i screamed too

Lyrics was added by trasher

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